March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

I am not going what I resolved to do. Does that make me depressed? Do I have totally unrealistic ambitions for myself.

For example, is tsolving to go to the gym unrealistic when I am so achy and painy. Wuldn't doing 1/2 hour of chair exercises and exercises for older people make more sense? Isn't biking more important than the gym? Isn't gardening better for me than the gym? It is sad I haven't been outside when we have had three days of over 50 weather.

More realistic goals

Get up with Andy
Make his lunch
Open blinds
Empty dishwasher

Decide on tonight's dinner. Don't let Andy's uncertain schedule be an excuse.

Rate and comment on OS. Write posts about three times a week.

Get outside about a half hour--garden, walk, sit in backyard
30 minutes houswirj

20 minutes simple exercise

Ice cream once a day. If I eat it in the afternoon, no ice cream with Andy.

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