October 1, 2007

Bronx Zoo

Vanessa described their visit to the Bronx Zoo yesterday:
we spent five hours at the Bronx Zoo with Patricia and her friend Heather. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, low 70s, sunny and dry -- perfect weather for the zoo. Nate was awake for most of the day, unlike our other recent cultural outings (Museum of Natural History, the Cloisters, and even Saturday's walk over the Brooklyn Bridge -- all of which he slept through). He didn't seem that interested in the animals but certainly enjoyed the trees and the people.

l it was a great day. I am really impressed with how much space the animals have and yet how totally walkable the zoo is. We did learn a valuable lesson about strollers -- they make you 'park' your stroller before going into most of the interiors (Jungle World, Congo, etc.) so next time we'll remember to bring a baby carrier. Nate was always pretty psyched about getting out of the stroller, though."

As I recall, babies carried up high in backpacks were more likely to appreciate the animals.

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