July 12, 2007


From the beginning, Nate has enjoyed my hair. For the past few weeks, he has loved it when Vanessa and I swung our hair back and forth. He is particularly delighted when we blow on our bangs to make them dance. Occasionally he has managed to grab my hair, but his grabbing never seemed deliberate. This morning was a big step in his rapid evolution from an observer to a doer. Repeatedly he grabbed hold of my hair and got very excited shaking it. He has learned how to capture me!


C Hawk said...

It looks like Nate is ready for forays to the sandbox playground.

See my essay on "How to Win Friends and Influence People by Hairpulling"

Has he pulled Erin's hair yet ???


Anonymous said...

I think he already knows how to capture his grandma even if she were bald. And his mom, and his dad for that matter. Nobody can resist the siren song (or cooing) of most adorable infant since, um, sliced bread. Not that sliced bread is so adorable...Nate is definitely cuter.