December 18, 2005

Would Size Order Have Helped?

I keep trying to figure out what ordering--height, weight, age, income, or maturity--would have kept Stephen and Peter in check at Vanessa's wedding. Everyone is behaving beautifully in 1961 and 1967. However, if you look closely at the Peter of 1967, you can clearly see he is plotting mischief. After 1967 none of us cut our hair again for almost a decade. Looking at 1961 picture, I wondered if Richard made Stephen kneel down to exaggerate his height advantage, if it even existed.

This is the first Koch wedding since Rose's and Brian's that everyone was able to attend. We have had eight Koch weddings in the last five years: Rose and Brian, 2000; Mary Jo and Andy, 2001; Katherine and Josh, 2002; Patrick and Elizabeth, 2004; Katie and Joe, 2004; Mercedes and Matt, 2005; Elizabeth and Brent, 2005; Vanessa and John, 2005. All the new Koches behave appropriately when their pictures are taken, so the gene pool looks promising:)

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